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All About the Project

What is the purpose of the Beauty Revealed Project?

We here at Beauty Revealed understand what true beauty is. It’s the love of a mother, it’s the smile of a child, and it’s the scars on our hearts and exterior that we have proudly earned through creating life. We support and uplift all mothers here, knowing that each is beautiful in their own way. No matter whether they gave birth at home, in the birthing center or at a hospital; had an adoptive child, vaginal, or cesarean section birth, and went on to breastfeeding, or bottle-feeding. No matter if they knew their children for only the briefest of moments. Each and every one is a beautiful person, and we are here to capture that raw beauty.



Q: What is the participation fee and what does it include?
A: Our photographers are allowed to charge up to but not exceeding $30 per person. This fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and 5 web resolution, watermarked images from your shoot.

Q: Where will my pictures be used? Who will see my pictures?
A: You determine this. You may decide which images (if any) may be shared via the photographer’s and BRP’s web-base and galleries, or you may keep them for your private viewing. If you do release your pictures to BRP, they will in no way be used for profited. We are a non-profit project and we want to share your story, not sell it.

Q: Will there be other women at my shoot?
A: Maybe. We do encourage groups of women to book shoots together; we find this makes it a more positive and uplifting experience. If you prefer a private session, that can be arranged. Talk to your photographer about what kinds of shoots they have available near you.

Q: What do I wear?
A. Whatever you feel comfortable in! We want you to show off your beautiful mom-body. This may include swimwear, bras, panties, shorts, jeans…anything! We want you to feel beautiful for your photoshoot. However, we do ask that you remember that this is not a boudoir session-keep your sexy lingerie at home.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No. Depending on your photographer, you may have the option to purchase your high resolution images with printing rights for $35.

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chandra achbergerAugust 1, 2013 - 10:49 pm

what a lovely project! I’m putting together a creative escape in Sequim for women. It going to be at a lovely retreat and might be something the women attending would be interested in. I’m about to launch the site tonight.

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